photo of Voluptueuse


Solo show
June 16, 2022

151 W 42nd St.
New York, NY 10036

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Voluptueuse is a solo exhibition by NYC-based artist Kathleen Marie Ryan. The show features her new large-scale acrylic paintings that explore the immaterial realm; La Volupté Blue (86” x 102”), Ligne Blue (87” x 86”), Vagues (45 ½” x 76 ½”) and Mir (69 ½” x 49 ½”). Kathleen Marie Ryan’s largescale paintings are evidence that fine art and design are, in fact, enmeshed in the modern art world. Transforming multiple canvases in tandem, translucent pigments are brushed, sponged, and manipulated to convey ethereal planes and energetic movements. In primordial color fields, they offer virtual escapes from the chaos of reality. Ryan’s abstract works are influenced by contemporary American artists that, from the ’40s onward, pioneered freedom of expression and form. Her studies in how volume, color, and light interact in three-dimensional spaces informed both her own artwork and creative endeavors within the architecture and interior design fields, where her high-profile projects ranged from curating design and art for royal families and collectors across the globe.